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Hotel Recommendation Near Disney World

Disney vacations are the best. (Just ask me, I’ll tell you, lol.) Not everyone wants to or is able to afford Disney hotel prices. Save money by staying at a hotel near Disney World rather than on property. We have a saying around here if we manage to save a buck or two… “That’s just more money for Disney!” 😉

Upon moving to the south, we chose to become Disney Annual Passholders. This decision truly became a lifestyle choice. We were now committed to getting our money’s worth from our Annual Passes. The realization that we are not in fact made of money was apparent from the get go, lol.

The first year of our Annual Pass lifestyle had us hotel hopping around the outskirts of Disney property. We managed to take a trip on average, once a month. We tried on several hotels. Near the end of that first year we landed upon what is now our FAVORITE! Comfort Inn-Lake Buenavista turned out to be quite a gem.

Things that make this hotel a good choice for our family

  • Location: This hotel is located just barely off property. If you have ever stayed at the All Star Value hotels then your property commuting will be similar. Driving past Animal Kingdom, heading towards the All Star Value hotels there is a traffic light. Turn left at that light, Sherberth Rd. This sweet little road cuts right down to the main Kissimee strip. You can enter the back parking are of the hotel by turning right onto Black Lake Rd, before you get to the traffic light
  • Room Accommodations: We are a family of five. Blowing up an air mattress and making room for it under foot is more than annoying to me. This hotel has great family suites that sleep six. There is a main room that has two queen beds and a partitioned area that has a set of bunk beds. The room also sports a nice size refrigerator and microwave. Plenty of room to move about and not be all up in each others arm pits, lol.
  • Breakfast: I have stayed at plenty of hotels that offer “breakfast”. Fighting for seating and minimal, not sexy food choices seem to be the norm. This hotel has a HUGE dining area. At night they have a lobster buffet in the same dining space so finding a seat is never an issue. I have found this hotel has more offerings than most hotels of this grade but best of all…. are you sitting down?!?! THEY HAVE MICKEY MOUSE WAFFLES!! That’s right folks!! You heard me!! This means that you can stay off property and STILL get you Mickey Waffle fix on before heading out to the park.
  • Price: Should this have been number one? 😉 The reason it’s not was simply because I’m comparing it to other non Disney Property hotels in the area with similar price points. If there are similar costs then the preceding bullet points were the selling features. Pricing depends on the season and day of the week. I have paid as little as $90 and as much as $130 per night for this room. Compare that to Disney Property prices. A family of 5 is not accommodated in any of the Disney Value resorts. The least expensive tier that we can book is a Moderate. Port Orleans was the least expensive option for our family at a price point of about $280 per night. The room was WAY smaller. That being said, there is something to the experience of immersing oneself in the magic of Disney property that you just can’t put a price tag on.

I hope this is helpful to someone out there.

Love, Light, Insight & Blessings To All!!

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