Hello friends!!!

I would like to say thank you so much for stopping by and welcome.

Who am I and what am I about? I am Michelle, wife & mom of 3 boys. I am a midwestern born & raised girl who has recently relocated to the south. I have since found that nothing makes you evaluate your life & realize how much STUFF you have until you move 3 times in 3 years. This life upheaval has really stirred the pot. I am not a big fan of change. I much prefer my nice cozy comfort zone. It’s safe, quiet and uneventful.(ahhh….a piece of sweet heaven, lol.) That all being said, I have been catapulted out of my comfort zone and thrown out into the unknown. I’m not going to lie…. At times it’s been quite painful yet a necessary agent for change.

Weather I’m musing down the path of minimalism, researching the ways of clean eating/living or having grandiose daydreams of travel….  I will be compelled to ramble a bit here and there ….. so here I am.  :o)

Oh yeah…. and did I mention???  We are complete DISNEY FREAKS!! 😜